Types of farts
The questions

There are many types of farts. So many that you have to be an expert to recognise each fart that has been released in this world. Wanna give it a try.

The sounds (Analus krachus bombastikus)
Among the male sex a fart is often used as a means of communication and demonstration of power, yet less effective on the female sex.

Nasty, fast and quiet form of flatulence. He usually leaves a very intense smell . The Sizzler was in the First World War used as a weapon, but is now banned. According to unconfirmed information, the Russian government is still working on a sex doll, which spreads this exact smell.

The board (or Brettfart)
The Brettfart can also be drained too easily by his deep sound in addition to a large pipe organ without being noticed, because it leaves virtually no roasted aromas in the air.

Hot fart (Brandfart)
Hot, fast and silent farts. They stink on manure usually foul, but rise because of their large heat up quickly. They hurt mostly cook because of their tropical temperature in the ass crack and water to bring the ass.

Silent Fart (analus kriechus hinterlistikus, also known as "Schleicher")
Is distinguished by its extremely long service life. He only gets away when you spray 10 bottles of air freshener

Fart with a piece of land marked
This fart is by his colleagues liquid, the thin whistle marked. Solomon the Wise says: This kind of fart is in the public , often called the apron: ge''sch''issen half and half called gef''urz''t.

Fart by lactose intolerance (The Converter)
This fart will be by its very unpleasant, pungent odor readily apparent. This disease can be recognized by a specific reaction: They deny that you have farted.

The liverwurst fart (analus lebawurstus)
A fart which sounds very nice (if you like liver sausage), but in its final stages, the hinterlässt. He receives his unmistakable stench by eating special flavor gyros meat.
After squeezing undivided attention is guaranteed! Once expelled from the body, it will not be let go very easily. It spreads quickly in all areas and remains there like a mist in the air. Again, this fart is like most farts sneaky and quiet. Unfortunately, he is threatened with extinction and therefore a very desirable among connoisseurs.

The Eggfart (Latin ovum flatus)
Typical of him is his nasty and insidious kind He comes from hidden deep within the gut. For the people who are in the environment of emissions rose, he can not hear, because he is one of the variety "ppffffffff" is. The high-explosive gas mixture quickly spread in all directions. Once you smelled him, may it cause cognitive impairment and balance problems. He does not keep very long, but for the more ambitious in the extreme is the stench. What exactly this result was not found out, unfortunately. Is still said it, as the name suggests, eat the eggs come. However, it is not yet proven. By experts, he is also called HANSI (Holy-Shit-Amazing-Nosedestroyer-Inflammation).

The wheelchair (analus kriechus verfolgerus)
This fart is very embarrassing for the person who freed him. You think you can beat it even more quickly if farting was so that nobody else noticed it, but he pulls it slowly, like a bad smell smelly urine flag after behind him.
After about 20-30 meters, it loses its effect. He is usually very low and hardly listen to almost characterizes itself by its smell.

The apron (furzus cacatus)
This dreaded Apron is a combination of shit and fart. This is the shit one little fart and leaves an unbearable stench to death. The Apron can not be prevented, because each person has at least one Apron fart branded in his life.
It is an ancient law which is totally pointless. If you Apron you should go immediately into a toilet and put an chewing gum (sugar free) into his anus. The chewing gum calms the after blow. Moreover, the deadly stench of fresh fragrance of the chewing gum (sugar free) covered the accident and no one learns.

The Königspudelfart (Paris analus Hiltonius stinkicus)
He is the perfect marriage of "analus krachus bombastikus" and the "analus kriechus hinterlistikus". Its smell and its volume is so fierce that even wake up sleeping.
This extremely dangerous in enclosed spaces can lead fart to mucosal burns and blindness. He can eat several inches deep in concrete walls and stay there for years. He charged the appropriate building odor so strong that it may be rendered harmless by subsequent decontamination and demolition of the debris must. Especially this effect often occurs after consuming copious cheap beer on, because the concrete molecules and possibly beer atoms combine with the left and fart moleculesl veritable engraving in the stonework.

The geknatterte (analus Lufticus)
At high pressure and gives the taut buttocks Geknatterte that burns like hell in the ass crack and leaves a sharp skid mark. He sounds like a machine gun, he stinks Wienerle although no one has eaten and is caused by Chili Con Carne. No liability for non-successes achieved.

High-percentage fart
Extremely rare type of fart. In this genus there is a very high percentage of fragrance.
In spite of the deadly impact it is not dangerous. It is said that the high percentage it has had healing powers. He is also a matter of survival for some fanatics of the odorants.

Farts inward (analus introvertus)
After the inner-farting is considered by many people in certain situations (lifts, service preference, etc.), but can cause severe internal injuries such as brain contusion lead.
On duration of this behavior is therefore absolutely inadvisable. For too long, damming can also accumulated in the intestinal fart-ignite methane from the inside. This is most likely the reason for Spontaneous Combustion.

Moist fart
A moist fart is known today to fart the liquid gases in conjunction with various liquids.
It usually occurs after intercourse, as even after an excessive intake of Methane goods, exact reasons are still unknown, because researchers worldwide are still pondering on this phenomenon.
In addition, the wet farts are flammable, as are emitted by releasing those droplets, which can lead to major natural disasters. Therefore caution is advised.

Doppeltaktfart (analus taktus)
The fart is very common and it sounds monotonous, but comes in two parts in the ass.
In conjunction with other farts (especially Königspudelfart) it can end very badly.

The hardcore fart (ra runzus Bangus)
If intestinal winds prevented for several hours, is this possible to Analwindkraft fireworks. When used in enclosed spaces is an acute danger to life!

The Rentnerfart (schranzus Boniface)
The most occurring in older people " retired "is characterized primarily by its dull, yet high tone and can also mimic of younger people very easily. This suppressed along with the charm until he is no longer perceptible to the sphincter and then pushes off easy - the resulting flatulence sounds as if you were 83. The fart is lazy, dull and sounds strong. Bouquet and taste are digested by the subject.

The Hirnfart (Cerebrus Stinkus)
The Hirnfart called accidents that can occur when multiple Preventing farts over a longer period. Instead of the often desired hardcore fart (Bangus runzus ra), there is a pressure equalization between the head and intestinal tract of the victim. Since fragrances now can not escape from the head, the tortured are often punished for their lives with their own body odors.

The Big Bang (Latin wonderful wonderful God ugs)
Is created in the universe by an extremely rare and unique food combinations under different lights of life. The Big Bang is difficult to comprehend reveals, however, that he absolutely did not, despite enormous pop molecules in the environment and delivers the paralyzed
can only wonder, because the expected aggressive gases eaten immediately by the space-time and trigger an entropy Anderso. It is rare to larger implosions but according to early historical traditions, also upon earth even more viable parallel universes have been created. They were only of Christian prophets as usual handed dismissed as false and Mephistofart.
The big bang was last known by latest research from around 40.000 years ago in northern Europe by a fisherman named Ragnarr Roek initiated and led by the extreme pull almost become a global catastrophe. It is thanks to lucky circumstances, that the removal of energy by only a small ice age came and the natives of the pigmentation was snatched, which remains as yet sometimes as Amber in the former beaches of today's Baltic Sea are washed up.

The Mephisto fart
He needed an average of 3 years to complete and is the fart of the gods, the god of farts. The first sighting dates from 42 back. It was a day that the villagers will never forget The preacher (61 years), which slumped during a sermon, and the sheer pain could no longer stand on his legs. He screamed Fortweg "My god ... Oh ... My God .... God help me - my gut"
The preacher stood in pain again and began to pray ... As he turned to leave the church he had to stop. He froze and after many hours of absolute stillness it happened, you could feel the rise of dark forces:
Clouds were gathering and it began to storm, when the preacher grabbed his stomach and shouted, his belly swelled, he went into the knees when suddenly a tremendous roar shook the village and surrounding settlements - Should it be the apocalypse? - No, the legend of Mephisto fart came true! And so struck by the fart of the Rabbi, the gates of the village and moved from country to country. They spoke of the fart of the Apocalypse.

The SaMoBiSchi
Abbreviation for the famous Saturday-morning beer-ship, which is usually at the start of the weekend after drinking ceases. The SaMoBiSchi should not be underestimated, because he very high Wind Speed can reach up to 342.84 m / s at 19 ° C outside temperature. This corresponds to the speed of sound and carries a very loud bang with him. This is the amount of alcohol in the humidity vary.

The Rohrer (analus röhrus maximus)
The tube is part of the order of the classical Fart. He has a rich, deep sound that can change the sound sequences in the fart well. The tube usually occurs after the consumption of beans or lentils. If you stand behind someone who just happens to come to the delightful idea to give a tube of itself, is not standing for the back healthy.

The tornado
The tornado is a very tükischer fart. This is an all ripped from the equator and you stand there without anything there. This fart is one of the rarest and is feared by the Mexicans. The tornado is caused when either too much or ate chili Concar a fart lasted so long until you could no longer keep him. After the tornado has passed all the aches you can no longer sit on it for at least 3 days.

Pushed out of the net sucked (pupsos OXOS kanikolus)
He will lay down on solid ground (carpet, towel, bed or stairs) where the bed is not as seething as the other. After that immediately became the head of the subject matter of pressed / resume.
If, however, on a towel or piece of clothing discharges its wonderful smell, is this suddenly tied around her head and inhaled there! Breathe Caution! Not too long, you could get addicted! Pushed out of the net has also sucked a mathematical meaning P + P u p s u p s = M a t e r i a l o o s x for coming out at the depressed sometimes sucked clean some stuff out of the back part out. (Material = liquid or sometimes fixed with Chunks good / bad corrosive liquid that inadvertently comes out from the rear part of the Blow). This kind of pleasure is in some technical circles know as the "Dutch Oven".

The Collected (arnalus sammlus bombasticus)
This is a fart, which accumulates in the appendix for years one gammliges, stinky Breigemisch. If this fart explodes, the blast is so intense that it may be that a house is no longer there, where it was off operations. Quite apart from the smell - this is one example, etch away the human nasal mucosa. The above-mentioned slurry is highly toxic and very corrosive.

The bassfart (analus BANG BANG)
The strengths of Bassfarts less in odor and in volume. The Bassfart produces deep sounds so ever may fall off the screen in an adjoining room. The bassfart has been discovered bij a large public through the use of the Bassfart in songs by Tokio Hotel. It shouts like the ox, it farts like the cow, the donkey plays the bass.

The Prefart (prae kloakicus, the Vorfurz)
Prefarts indicate a strong wind, which occur immediately with the first Kackreiz and then leave the intestine. These formed during the digestion gases are extremely powerful and interspersed with fermentation digester gases, which expresses the odor is perceived as unpleasant and nudging. Seats, these fixed intestinal gas, it can cause painful abdominal cramps. The Prefart is to the effect of the "normal" flatulence distinguish that it is associated directly with the attraction of excretion of feces.

Even today, the fart is recognized as an international means of expression and well appreciated. The different dialects (wet or dry) make it difficult part of the agreement.

Morning Fart
There is no better way to start the day than with a resounding fart! You do not even have to lift the bed sheets!

The Daily Fart
This fart is for every occasion. He does not smell too bad, because it's a weekday fart. So if you have one that lets you walking down the street, and you want to gently release ... but beware!

The Platte Fart
This is the real fart in during the school year, if you make jokes with your friends. You'll get a nice bubble in your pants, and then a light brown spot.

The Fart Party
You're at a party and the toilet is occupied. The best thing you can do to you fart quietly get rid of him in a corner is let while you cough really loud! And fingers crossed that he does not stink!

Surprise fart!
This fart is a real disaster! You walk down the street and suddenly there he is! Too late! There is nothing else than looking for the first toilet to wipe yourself.

The Office Fart
For this you need to be smart! You can let him in the office and then pretend you have nothing to do with it (or someone else to blame). Only the smell of course you can not hide.

The Beerfart
The classic Beerfart usually occurs after drinking bouts on barley with different alcoholic juices. He has a particularly spicy fragrance and even for its creator is a real evil. In this context, it is usually an exceptionally tenacious consistency of the stool: the elimination Knetmassenähnliche adhesive has real character and is even with the toilet brush is difficult to remove. The Beerfart is generally very noisy and easy to place undetected rare in the area.

The Beanfart
The Beanfart is exactly like the Beerfart a true classic of the farts. It occurs after eating beans and other legumes. It is relatively loud, has ideally a very aggressive scent and flavor considerably less than a chemically Beerfart. The high methane content gas enveloped the producer in comforting warmth, but beware: The gas is very flammable. It is therefore often used to so-called 'FireFart'.

The Fructosefart
Characteristic of the Fructosefart (also called fruit sugar or Marathonfart) is the enormous length of output. It is triggered by an over-dose ingestion of fructose. The phenomenon shortly after eating it comes to exceptionally strong intestinal gas. The amount of gas emissions can easily amount to several hundred liters per hour! Also in longfart minutes in length are not uncommon. The aroma of Fructosefart is usually a rather 'flat'. However, according to latest reports came about even 'spicy-bitter' varieties.

The Zwiebelfart
Since ancient times, the onion is the main trigger of concentrated intestinal gases. The chemical purity of Zwiebelfart is almost unsurpassed. Its flavor surpasses that of beer or Beanfarts often many times. He is extremely flammable and is also acoustically considered a real treat. The heat content of the gas here is like the Beanfart above average. The intestinal gas quality has truly world-class level and is even in upscale celebrity circles quickly enthusiastic 'Mitriecher'.