Types of farts
The questions

Best farting places

Leather chair:  Optimal reflection of sound waves, sound very good results.

Plywood chair: Good amplification of sound, give’s the fart that extra natural sound

Toilet bowl: Excellent response, very good reflection on the surface. Good aftereffect in the quite water surface.

Room corner: From the starting point of the fart is almost every corner of a closed space the
beginning of an exponential horn, an excellent addition to the part of the sound.

Church bell: In a church bell (Size Cologne Cathedral and more) there are ideal conditions. Few people come to enjoy this experience (lucky believers!). The largest bell in the cathedral has about 4m in diameter and weighs about 24 tons, that will give it a nice echo.

Cave: When in a cave the fart is released the echo will bounce the sound further than the fart could ever reach on own power.

Swiss mountains: On the top of the mountain, aim the fart downtown and let it go. They will hear it miles away, if you are an expert.

No farting allowed

Burning house: when you had Chili Con carne for dinner and the house is burning down, remember this, the fart is flammable.

Exams room: A fully concentrated room determine your future, will it stink or not. And if you have all the luck on your side,  will the fart sound like the bell or will the classmates know what you did.

Meditation centre: Find the inner side of you, quiet and peacefully, or will you let everybody around you hear the inner side and smell?

Operation room: can you imagine what a smelly thing in the operation room will do for the and the effect on the operation?

Court centre Wimbledon (ENG): Quiet please, serving for match point. Will you let it ripp and get all England watching you smash the audience.